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Cat Boarding Prince George: What We Do

MacKye Kennels has a wonderful cat boarding facility. Contrary to what one might think, cats can and do adjust to change. They settle in quickly and have an exciting and busy visit. Boarding your pet is a big decision, but it’s only new once and then MacKye Kennels becomes their 2nd home!


Cat Care and Accommodation

We have 2 indoor custom-made kennel-styles for our feline visitors. Both types are metal, ensuring the utmost in safety and hygiene. We have a seasonal, 2 level outdoor cat pen. It’s decked-out with day beds, miniature house, a ramp to the upper level with windows and lots of toys – your cat will love it!


As with the dogs, food and treats are provided by the kennel for your cat. If your pet requires a special or medicated diet, please bring your own. We recommend that you bring your pet’s own familiar bedding and favorite toy, this will be a great comfort to them. We have lots of extra bedding and toys, though, if you forget!


Cat Exercise Policy

In good weather, our outdoor cat pen is in use all day! During the winter months, the cats get their daily exercise indoors with a great cat post/house, windowsills, tunnels and lots of toys. All cats are kenneled and exercised separately, unless they come from the same home and get along. For “peace of mind,” tour MacKye Kennels today.

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